DIY - Subaru Forester Turn Signal Mirrors

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Subaru Forester Turn Signal Mirrors

Today at the DIY Garage we are adding turn signal mirrors to a 2017 Subaru Forester. This project isn't too difficult to complete. The first step is to pick out your choice of mirror lights or even go with the OEM if available. Installation will be similar regardless of what you go with.


Door Panel Removal:

First step is to remove the door panel. In the door open handle up top is a small cover that you need to pop open to reveal a phillips screw. Next below that remove the panel cover over the door hold in the middle to reveal 2 more phillips screws. Once removed the rest is held on by push clips. Start at the bottom and pop all the clips then finally lift up slightly to release the top. Next Unclip the 2 rods going to the handle, the connectors at the lock / mirror / window switch and then one at the bottom for the light. 

Side Mirror Removal:

Now it will be difficult to run wire through without taking the mirror off. With a second person holding the mirror pull the plastic sheeting away slightly. Look up and remove 3 10mm bolts holding the mirror on. Follow the wiring and unplug the 1 connector going to the mirror. There are 2 rubber locating pins still loosely holding the mirror carefully rock/pull away from the vehicle and it will come free. Route the harness out and remove the mirror.

Mirror Glass Removal: 

First take a deep breath. Now lets remove the glass. It it hinged at the top and 2 clips at the bottom. Manual push the mirror top all the way in so the bottom sticks out. Now with a pry tool or screwdriver you want to insert and twist to pop black away from the white to release the clips. Once the bottom is released pull down and out slightly. DO NOT TRY TO POP THE TOP FIRST.


Now with the mirror off the car you can mount your light wherever you prefer and run the wire down and out with the OEM wiring. Luckily the turn signals are prewired into the door so there is no need to run through the door boot into the car. At the connector you unplugged going to the mirror, you want the gray and black wires. Be sure to test. Gray is turn signal + and black is ground. They are on the door side of the plug and empty on the mirror side (unless you have OEM mirror lights) so they  are easy to pick out.

Test your installation then put everything back together and you're ready to go!