Ford Fiesta Remote Start Installation 2014 - 2016

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Ford Fiesta Remote Start Installation 2014 - 2016

Ford Fiesta Remote Start Installation 2014 - 2016

Today in the DIY Garage we walk you through a remote start installation on a 2014 - 2016 Ford Fiesta with the key start ignition. This system will not work on the push start models or manual transmission models. You will also need 2 valid keys in order to program the module. Cloned keys which some locksmiths make will not work. 

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Vehicle Disassembly:

Ford Fiesta Remote Start Disassembly

Turn the wheel to the right to reveal 1 torx T20 screw. Remove it.

Turn the wheel to the left to reveal 1 torx T20 screw and remove that as well.

One final T20 screw goes straight up from the bottom. Remove that and then undo the tilt lever so you can separate the 2 halves of the steering column cover. Remove only the lower half of the cover.

Ford fiesta car starter installation

Next locate the OEM diagnostic plug and remove the 2 7mm screws holding it on.

Remote Start Installation:


Locate the ignition switch plug seen above. Depress the tab and unplug the ignition switch plug. Next locate the immobilizer plug and unplug that.

First feed our immobilizer plug up and plug into the OEM spot and then plug the factory connector into the other end of our harness. Repeat the same for the ignition switch plug.

Using the (2) 7mm screws removed earlier mount our OBD diagnostic plug into the factory spot and plug the factory connector back into ours.

You are now ready to follow the included programming steps and finish the installation.

Optional Park Lights Connection:

Ford Fiesta parking lights connections

This will allow the lights to flash for confirmation and remain on to let you know the remote start is running. These are considered optional but are a good feature to have. Reach back and unplug the 10 pin at the back of the headlight switch.

Locate the yellow/blue in pin 2. Tie our YELLOW wire into the YELLOW/BLUE

Locate the white/purple wire in pin 6. CUT that wire giving yourself room to connect to both ends. Connect our RED wire to the connector side of the white/purple. Connect our BLUE wire to the vehicle side of the white/purple.