Remote Start Kit for 2005 - 2015 Nissan Titan - Plug & Play - KEY START

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Nissan Titan Plug & Play Remote Start Kit 2005 - 2015

Our Nissan Titan remote starter kit is the only plug & play in the world! Install is simple and takes most consumers about 45 minutes to an hour. 

  • Complete Kit Comes with ALL parts necessary
  • Printed installation instructions included.
  • Simple programming no dealer visit necessary!
  • Quick, easy, PLUG & PLAY installation**

Compatibility Requirements

  • 2005 - 2015 Nissan Titan
  • Must be standard KEY START ignition.
  • Vehicle must have power locks / keyless entry
  • Automatic transmission only.

Installation Overview

This kit comes almost entirely plug & play with only a couple hardwired / optional connections. Basic functionality is 100% plug & play. No splicing cutting required for that unless you want 3x lock only. Additional hardwired connections are as follows:

  1. 3x Lock Capability: Requires one manual connection to allow pressing lock 3 times on the OEM remote to start. 
  2. Horn: Beeps horn for lock, unlock, remote start confirmation.
  3. Parking Lights Confirmation: Flashes lights with lock, unlock, remote start.
  4. Hood Pin: Only required if vehicle is not equipped with an OEM hood pin.

For vehicles without power locks choose the 1-button remote option.

Please note remote styles change from time to time the remotes received may not match the picture exactly. Also 2-way kits will come with (1) 2-way remote and (1) 1-way spare remote.


Purchase Upgrade Options Explained - Choose Above

  • 3x Lock From OEM Fob Only = No additional remotes to carry simply press LOCK 3 times on your factory remote to activate the remote starter. (1 additional wire to connect)


  • 1-Way 1200ft 4-Button = Comes with (2) 4-Button remote fobs for up to 1200ft range + 3x lock from OEM fob will work as well with 1 additional wire connection. 


  • 1-Way 1200ft 1-Button = Comes with (2) 1-Button remote fobs for up to 1200ft range - simple 1-button to start the vehicle best choice for vehicles WITHOUT power locks.


  • 2-Way 3000ft = Comes with (1) 4-Button 2-way remote fob and (1) 1-Way remote fob for up to 3000ft range + 3x lock from OEM fob will work as well with 1 additional wire connection.


  • 2-Way LCD 3000ft Range = Comes with (1) 2-way 5-Button LCD remote fob and (1) 1-way non-LCD remote fob for up to 3000ft of range + 3x lock from OEM fob will work as well with 1 additional wire connection.

  • Smart Phone APP Control = Start your car from your smartphone from anywhere in the world. First year of service is free, $39.99 each year after. 3x lock from OEM fob will work as well with 1 additional wire connection.




Customer Reviews

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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Best support ever

We got the remote start with the phone app and had some issues with the app- we also had some issues with the install, mistakes we made. I began emailing for help on a Saturday , late afternoon. Much to my surprise, I actually received an email back with answers and solutions for my problems. I was able to hold a back and forth conversation until 7pm that night, at which point my issues were resolved. I have to say , the amazing response time and the helpfulness of support , are far beyond what I expected! I am also very pleased with the system I purchased ! Highly recommend!!

Perfect plug and play kit!

I’ve been a tech for nearly 20 years. I installed this into my Titan and I was very impressed with the quality of this system. The t-harnesses are of excellent quality and made installation very simple! I’m used to ending up with cut wires, random relays, fuses and wires everywhere when it comes to remote start systems . With this, it is a very clean install. The wiring length is perfect and the instructions are clear And well written. For a basic install, functionality was 100% plug and play. A couple of options need some additional connection (horn and park lamp confirmation). I wish they had a product for every car. Highly recommend!!

Miss a part

The unit was pretty simple to install and worked as inten but realized that the hood safety button/pin was not in my kit. Tried to call and even left a message. Hopefully I'll get a call back and get this worked out.

2011 Nissan Titan Remote Starter

This unit is very well made. From the packaging to the quality of this product this is hands down the best plug and play remote starter you can buy. Customer service was excellent I just cant say enough. From beginning to end total time it took to install was just shy of an hour. They provide you with precise color and location of wires that need to be tapped. In our case it was two wires one for parking lights and one for horn confirmation. I assure you do not hesitate to order this kit the quality is top notch you can tell by the unit itself and wiring, the best customer service, and super easy to install! Thank you very much will be ordering more kits for family and friends. Stay safe and healthy!

2012 Titan Remote Start

Purchased this unit for my 2012 Nissan Titan. Upon inspecting the electronic box and wire harness its clear that this company spends the extra time and money on quality parts and construction. Everything you need will come in the box including zip ties and a plastic pry tool for removing any interior car panels. Note that the actual electronics don't look like the picture. The two remotes you get also are different than the photo but still work great and are of good quality. Installation was pretty easy and fast as the instruction manual matched my truck pretty well. After finishing the installation everything worked except the starting of the engine. 30 minutes of on the phone trouble shooting with Jim in their customer care department fixed the issue pretty quickly as the problem came from an incorrect setting on the unit. I've been using this new remote start on my truck for 2-3 weeks now and have not had any issues. The range on the remote is great as I can start the truck on the street from anywhere inside my house or inside stores i'm shopping in. Overall the product is a great buy and the people are really helpful and great to work with.