2020 - 2021 Toyota Tundra Remote Starter w/ Takeover Plug & Play Kit for Push Start

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Toyota Tundra Remote Start Plug & Play Kit for the 2020 - 2021 equipped with the Smart Key / Push Start system. This kit includes TAKEOVER. This means it will NOT shut off when opening the door. 

Get the BEST remote start kit for your Toyota Tundra. Easy installation can be completed anywhere from 15 minutes to an hour for most. No confusing diagrams, no sloppy wiring, no cutting, splicing, etc. A few t-harnesses and you will be up and running. Follow our easy installation instructions and you'll be done in no time! Simply press the lock button 3 times from your factory OEM remote and your vehicle will start and run. The parking lights will remain on to let you know the vehicle is running. Once you are ready to drive simply unlock the vehicle with the remote get in and push on the brake and you are ready to drive! Your vehicle will NOT shut off upon opening the door - just jump in and go!

  • Complete Kit comes with ALL parts required.
  • 3 Year Warranty INCLUDED!
  • Simple programming no dealer visit necessary.
  • Printed installation instructions included.
  • PLUG & PLAY install - Easy!
  • Zero Wires to cut, splice, or tap in.

Remote Start Compatibility Requirements

  • 2020 2021 Toyota Tundra
  • Automatic transmission only.
  • 10th Digit of VIN must be an L or M
  • Vehicle must have Smart Key / Push Start system

Installation Video

Coming Soon!

Remote Start Operation

Operating your remote start is easy. From your factory remote fob press the lock button 3 times to activate the remote start. The parking lights will flash and the vehicle will start and run for the preset time typically 20 minutes. Pressing the lock button 3 more times will shut the vehicle off. Be sure not to press the lock button too fast or too slow the timing may take a few tries to get used to. When approaching the vehicle simple unlock/open the door and then sit down and close the door. Press on the brake and you are ready to GO!

Purchase Upgrade Options Explained - Select Above

  • 3x Lock from OEM Fob Only = No additional remotes to carry simply press LOCK 3 times on your factory remote to activate the remote starter. Need more range? Check out the upgrade options below:
  • 1-Way 1000 ft = Comes with (2) 1-Button remote fobs for up to 1000 ft range + 3x lock from OEM fob will work as well.
  • 2-Way 2000 ft = Comes with (1) 1-Button 2-way remote fob and (1) 1-Button 1-way for up to 2000 ft range + 3x lock from OEM fob will work as well.
  • Smart Phone App Control = Start your car from your smartphone from anywhere in the world. Service plan required - $39.99/year & 3x lock from the OEM remote fob will work as well.
  • Full House: 3x Lock + SmartPhone APP +Long Range Remotes = Comes with (1) 1-Button 2-way remote & (1) 1-Button 1=Way remote for up to 3000 ft range + Smart Phone Module + 3x lock from OEM fob will work as well.





Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews Write a review

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Rob M
Easy Install

Installed this system in a 2021 keyless by myself using a few basic hand tools (10mm socket, plastic panel prybars, phillips screwdriver, a handful of zipties). No electrical skills or tools needed (except to disconnect the battery negative cable). It took me about 4 hours, but I really took my time and just enjoyed the process. The only problem I had was getting my remotes to pair. The company support was very responsive...turns out when the instructions say to push the remote 3times quickly (during pairing setup) they mean really fast. A YouTuber (NitroZ18) provided a most excellent video on disassembly of the Tundra dash. That's easy, just go slow and be methodical.
The TakeOver feature works as advertised! Remote start once, enter and go. No more second start because you opened the door. Yes, the doors are locked by the system when starting remotely.

Almost worthless instructions but works

Just installed today, the instructions were terrible. The video of the 4 runner having it done was no use. The plugs are not located in the same location, and have different trim pieces to remove. Routing the plug behind the radio was ridiculous, again zero instructions and just figure out a way and place to get it through on your own. The pictures of where the plug goes into on the left side of the steering wheel don't match the 2021 tundra. Overall, it's a pain to install with such poor guidance. It does keep the truck running upon opening the door, hopefully it doesn't have any hiccups or other issues because I don't want to have to tear into everything again.

If it came with clear and accurate instructions I'd give 5 stars.

thank you!

Installation - EASY
Shipping - FAST

Thank you for making my runtime longer than the 15 minutes. It gets cold here and i needed that additional time for the truck to warm up!!

Joshua M. Greenberg
High Quality!

This system does not disappoint, installation was a breeze and the thing works perfectly. No more starting and restarting my truck and my exhaust waking the kids and dogs and wife up. Cutting edge stuff Accessorides. Amazing work gents, and LIGHTNING FAST shipping.