Acura RDX Remote Start for 2016 - 2018 - Plug & Play - PUSH START

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Acura RDX Remote Start Kit for 2016 2017 2018 Push Start Plug & Play

Our kit is the best there is no better solution for this vehicle 100% plug & play - including the parking lights and autolight connections. Remote starter kit for the 2016 2017 2018 Acura RDX with the push start ignition system. Full plug & play installation simple instructions included.  Start by pressing lock 3 times on your OEM fob or choose one of our long range add on options. No wires to tap in, no splicing and no cutting. Includes takeover meaning once you remote start it you will be able to get in and GO without the vehicle shutting down!

  • Plug & Play installation
  • Easy to program no dealer visit needed
  • All parts included complete KIT!
  • Includes printed installation instructions

Compatibility Requirements

  • 2016 2017 2018 Acura RDX Remote Starter
  • Automatic transmission ONLY
  • 10th letter of VIN must be an G, H, J
  • Not compatible with normal key start ignition
  • Must be push start

Installation Overview

Installation is simple full plug & play most consumers can complete the install in under an hour. The main plugs are at the Smart PCU above the gas pedal and then there are two more plugs near the steering column. 

Please note this installation requires a 2-part programming procedure with copying technology. This means you need to install the module, learn the vehicle, and then remove the module and send it back to us for processing. Use the included return label to send the module to us. We will process the module and then send it back to you to complete the installation. Simple!

Purchase Upgrade Options Explained - Choose Above

  • 3x Lock From OEM Fob Only = No additional remotes to carry simply press LOCK 3 times on your factory remote to activate the remote starter.
  • 1-Way 1000ft = Comes with (2) 1-Button remote fobs for up to 1000ft range + 3x lock from OEM fob will work as well. 
  • 2-Way 3000ft = Comes with (1) 1-Button 2-way remote fob and (1) 1-Way remote fob for up to 3000ft range + 3x lock from OEM fob will work as well.
  • Smartphone APP Phone Control = Start your car from your smartphone from anywhere in the world. First year of service is free, $39.99 each year after. 3x lock from OEM fob will work as well.




Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews Write a review

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Easy install

Got this for my RDX and had the hubby install it. A little confusing to use and to get it right with the routine down to keep it started instead of it shutting down but worked great! Sent it in for programming and came back fast. Was thinking of getting a less expensive version on Amazon for my other vehicle but not sure if it’s worth the risk of another manufacturer and the install process. Why not stick with what I know works!

You Guys Need to be on Amazon

Ok wow, you guys need to be on Amazon. First of all, this is about the most plug and play I have experienced with a remote start. I started my search looking on amazon. I spent a couple of days looking at aftermarket remote starts and reading reviews. That really turned me off because I really didn't like the idea of bricking my wife's car. Lot's of cutting and splicing and uncertainty. I'm pretty good with electronics, I can cut, splice and solder but some of those instructions were awful. The thought of paying a mechanic a few hundred dollars to install a lower cost remote start just didn't make sense. There had to be a better way. I turned to the internet which led me to you. Even though this is considerably more than the kits on amazon, in my opinion this is way better and well worth the money. Plug it in, do the first part of programing, send it back to complete programing, get it back, plug it in, finish programing, test it out and hide all the wires and black box, simple. Door to door shipping was 12 days. My time investment was 90 minutes. Happy wife, happy life :-) . I will admit the instructions are not great but youtube helps with that.

Jon B
Good product, instructions confusing.

I got the package that used the OEM key fob. I just installed this on the wife's car and it really is plug and play. There's no cutting, splicing or anything of the sort. Turn around time for programming the module was within a week which was awesome. I am very happy with the outcome.

That being said, My only issue was in the instructions. They were a little confusing and not entirely clear to me. It said to install their harness into the 28 and 24 pin connectors. It wasn't 28 and 24, it was more like 32 and 26 (I forget the exact number of pins). I think if the instructions utilized the labeling on the harness in their instructions (like plug in connector 1 into this plug, etc) this would be a 5 star product.

Flash Radner
Easy Install

Install was easy, shipping was fast, the 2nd part of programming required me to send part of the kit back to the guys at Accessorides to finish updating the remote start module, they had that back to me in no time at all, maybe 4 days total in transit back and forth. It was no big deal, i knew that was part of the install since it says so in the ad in big RED LETTERS. Thanks guys, the RDX will be warm and my wife will be happy, I work as a plumber and this install was a breeze for me.