Remote Start for Ford F-150 2011 - 2014 Plug & Play - KEY START

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Ford F-150 Remote Start Plug & Play Remote Starter Kit 2011 - 2014

Our F-150 plug & play remote start is the easiest out there to install! The ONLY full plug & play out there. Remote start installation is fast and easy takes most consumers about 30 minutes to an hour. Once installed and programmed simply press the lock button on your OEM remote 3 times to start your F-150.

  • Complete kit no extra parts needed
  • Comes with installation instructions.
  • Fast, easy, PLUG & PLAY installation
  • No dealer scantool needed.
  • Will not work on push start models.

Compatibility Requirements

  • 2011 2012 2013 2014 Ford F150 F-150
  • 10th letter of your VIN # must be an B, C, D, E
  • Must be key start ignition.
  • Must have power locks / keyless entry
  • Automatic transmission only will not work on manuals
  • 2 Keys required for installation/programming - no cloned keys

Installation Tips

Simple installation done at the driver underdash area and (1) optional t-harness at the passenger kick panel for parking light confirmation.

2 unique keys are required for programming purposes. The kit will not work without 2 valid keys. Cloned keys some locksmiths make are considered copies and will not work.

NOTE: 100% Plug & Play - there is no other comparable kit in the world!



Purchase Upgrade Options Explained - Select Above

  • 3x Lock From OEM Fob Only = No additional remotes to carry simply press LOCK 3 times on your factory remote to activate the remote starter.
  • 1-Way 1200ft = Comes with (2) 1-Button remote fobs for up to 1200ft range + 3x lock from OEM fob will work as well
  • 2-Way 2000ft = Comes with (1) 1-Button 2-way remote fob and (1) 1-button 1-way fob for up to 2000ft range + 3x lock from OEM fob will work as well.
  • Smart Phone APP Control = Start your car from your smartphone from anywhere in the world. NOTE: Installations using phone app would require 2 manual wire connections to control the locks if desired. First year free then a service plan is required @ $39.95/year
  • Full House = Start your car from your OEM remote by pressing lock 3 times, use the included 2-way long range remote or the 1-way long range companion remote, and also includes smartphone control. NOTE: Installations using phone app would require 2 manual wire connections to control the locks if desired. First year free then a service plan is required @ $39.95/year

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews Write a review

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Works as it should

This is a follow up review. I installed the plug and play kit on my 2012 F150 Ecoboost. The kit plugs in with no hassles and cable routing is easy if you pop off a few panels.

I had trouble with programming the system and the long distance remotes but I also had managed to somehow set the system to valet mode. I think the programming instructions could use a little clarification or some editing. Needless to say, I sent an email to Support and they had me fixed up with instructions of how to get out of Valet mode and program the LD remotes.

I was very please with Support as I didn't have to wait very long for a response and their instructions were bang on. System works great now and I am very pleased with the system.

Works great

Installed it in 45 minutes on a 2012 Ford F150. Pretty straight forward, decent instructions, but if they would have included a few photos in the instructions it would have been better. Programming was super easy and worked right away.

Thomas Bracik
2014 ford 150

received the remote kit . instructions were a bit confusing but with the help of the support team installation went well Im very happy with
the results I recommend the product and company to anybody

John See
Works great but...

New review after talking with a rep at accesorides finally.
The installation and directions for installation were very easy.... assuming you know a little bit about cars. Programming the keys was kind of a pain, if you mess up the first time and don't do it exactly right the keys will not program and your vehicle will not start. I had to call the company to figure out how to "reset" the module which is not in the directions. If it does not start because you program the keys wrong and you go back and try to reprogram and after step 1 the green light does not come on here is what you do... Unplug all three connectors from the back of the module, then hold down the button on the front of the module and plug in the middle connector until the lights flash and stop.... Then let go of the button and plug the other two connectors in.... Now your module is reset and you can try the reprogram procedure again. Mine is a 2012 f150 3.5 EcoBoost 4 wheel drive XLT. Once that got done it works like a dream the only reason it has four instead of five stars is because the directions for programming the keys aren't that great and there are no troubleshooting steps or directions after if you messed that part up.

Amber Souza
Any Idiot could do this lol

I opened the box and my first thought was ok so who’s gonna hook it up for me decided to read the directions and bam within an hour my truck was good to go the hardest part was the remote program other than that it went great...