Toyota FJ Cruiser Rearview Mirror OEM Reverse Camera to Aftermarket Radio

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Toyota FJ Cruiser Move OEM Reverse Camera Image to Aftermarket Radio

You asked, we made it! Due to popular demand another Exclusive! If you're installing an aftermarket radio in your FJ Cruiser and have the OEM backup camera that shows up in the rearview mirror and want that to also show on your new aftermarket radio, this is the harness you need! No confusing diagrams, no sloppy wiring, no cutting, splicing, etc. Simply plug our t-harness in up at the mirror and run the cable down to your radio. For convenience we also include a reverse trigger to connect to your aftermarket radio as well.

  • PLUG & PLAY install

Compatibility Requirements

  • 2007 - 2014 Toyota FJ Cruiser with OEM backup camera that displays in the rearview mirror - must have 14-pin connector at the mirror


BASIC - Includes just the harness pictured. Bring your own RCA and primary wire to run to the radio.

ADVANCED - Includes the full length RCA and reverse trigger wire.




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